Seven years ago, when I started on my photography journey, I needed to practice. This girl, my bff since we were 13 – stepped in as my model. That was the first time I photographed her. Now, as we’re both approaching 31 this week – I photographed her once again, this time – with a little baby boy on the way. We started off with a few portraits at her home, and then we went to random parking lot that had tall grass, and I kid you not, about three square feet of usable shade. We were legit in the parking lot of Food 4 Less. But we made it work, don’t you think?

Sammie, you are literally glowing. i’ve known you for more years of my life than I haven’t – and I can gladly say – I’ve never seen you happier. You were meant to be a mother. Times like this I remember why I am so blessed to do what I do. I love having this gift that I can give you. To help you remember this time in your life, to document these special moments. You are going to be such an amazing mom and I can’t wait to meet Baby Boy Sabatino!